All Musicians Are Bastards

All Musicians Are Bastards 2012

In her fondest dreams, this film’s main character Leila (Riina Maidre) is a resplendent singer. In reality, however, all her energy and talent is spent on relationships that eat away at her soul, mind-altering substances, and glamorous showing-off. Heleri defies the rules. By playing with the possibilities of the art of film, she takes the viewer to an uneasy universe where the boundary between reality and illusion is incredibly thin. This is a world that is familiar to everyone who at some point in their life had to grow up and admit to themselves that dreaming is not enough on its own. And who have regardless of that chosen dreaming.

The Big T.N.T. Show

The Big T.N.T. Show 1966

Live performances by some of the top rock-and-roll acts of the mid 60s. Includes Ray Charles, The Byrds, Joan Baez, Ike and Tina Turner, Donovan, The Lovin' Spoonful, and several more.

Bernadette - The Princess of Lourdes

Bernadette - The Princess of Lourdes

It’s February 11, 1858. Three girls from Lourdes, France, gather firewood in front of a grotto. Suddenly one of them, Bernadette Soubirous, 14, drops to her knees, gazes ecstatically at something beautiful only she can see, and starts to pray. Soon the town buzzes: Has Bernadette, poor, sickly, and always behind in school, really seen a Lady from Heaven? Then a spring bubbles up from nowhere and withered arms and sightless eyes are cured. At last, the Lady tells Bernadette her name: “I am The Immaculate Concepcion.” BERNADETTE, THE PRINCESS OF LOURDES, is the exciting true story of a visit by the Queen of Heaven that left the entire world a source of health for body and soul.

David Garrett LIVE - In Concert & In Private

David Garrett LIVE - In Concert & In Private 2011

Titel: 01 He's A Pirate ("Pirates Of The Caribbean" Theme) 02 Who Wants To Live Forever 03 Carmen Fantaisie Op 25 04 Air 05 Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5 06 Smile 07 Zapateado 08 Winter Lullaby 09 Rock Prelude 10 Smooth Criminal 11 Ain't No Sunshine 12 Winter (from "The Four Seasons") 13 Csárdás - Gypsy Dance 14 Summertime (From "Porgy & Bess") 15 Duelling Banjos (Duelling Strings) 16 Zorba's Dance 17 Chelsea Girl 18 Bach: Violin Concerto In E Major: 3rd Movement 19 Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 20 Nothing Else Matters 21 Paganini: Carnevale Di Venezia 22 Humoresque 23 Summer 24 The Flight Of The Bumble Bee 25 A Whole New World (from "Aladdin") 26 Sarabande

Botinada: A Origem do Punk no Brasil

Botinada: A Origem do Punk no Brasil 2006

Botinada chronicles the origins of punk rock in Brazil, its first phase (1976-1984) and the whereabouts of its protagonists. Were 4 years of research, interviewed 77 people, thousands of hours in editing rooms, 200 hours of video and many rare and unpublished images compiled for the first time. Botinada brings out this amazing story told by punks who experienced body, soul and leather jacket this chaotic journey.

Elis Regina: MPB Especial

Elis Regina: MPB Especial 1973

Recorded in 1973, this TV show brings Elis Regina in an 'ensaio' (improvisation). The programme aired by TV Cultura rescues the living memory of the greatest MPB star through her testimonials on composers and performers. The images are black and white and with camera close-ups, it denounces the restless, strong-willed hands of Elis.

Art Pepper: Notes from a Jazz Survivor

Art Pepper: Notes from a Jazz Survivor 1982

Saxophonist Art Pepper (1925-1982) lived the kind of jazz life only found in Hollywood movies. His prodigious talent led him to top gigs as a teenager, but drugs and attendant criminal activity knocked him out of commission for virtually all of the 1960s and early 1970s. This documentary, shot shortly after his searing memoir, {-Straight Life}, was published in 1979, shows Pepper in the full flower of a remarkable comeback. His third wife, Laurie, is featured prominently; they met in the drug treatment facility Synanon in 1969 and were married in 1974. She took over his business affairs and helped him write {-Straight Life}. Pepper tells his own story here, but the emphasis is on an evening's performance at a club in Malibu, with the musician in fine form, backed by a terrific trio. (Tom Wiener, Rovi)

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy: The Reunion Tour - Live in Concert 2010

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy: The Reunion Tour - Live in Concert 2010 2010

Live in Concert 2010 is a 19-song live recording of two concerts at the K.B. Hallen on 16–17 April 2010, by the Danish power rock band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. On September 15, 2009, the band announced the Danish Dizzy Mizz Lizzy reunion tour taking place in Spring 2010 with concerts in Odense, Aarhus (2 shows), Aalborg, Esbjerg (2 shows) and Copenhagen (4 shows). The idea was spawned while Christensen, Nielsen and Friis went bowling, which they often did when meeting up. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy were overwhelmed when the tour's first show on 9 April at the K.B. Hallen had sold out in less than 15 seconds on 20 September 2009, and less than 45 seconds for the other shows. They realized the demand for their shows was far greater than expected. The band subsequently expanded the tour to a total of 52 dates, making this one of the most successful comebacks in the history of Danish music.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Down on the Corner

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Down on the Corner 2005

Creedence Clearwater Revival Featuring John Fogerty 01. Down On The Corner 02. Fortunate Son 03. The Night Time Is The Ight Time 04. Proud Mary 05. Looking Out My Back Door 06. Sweet Hitch-Hicker Creedence Clearwater Revival, Live 07. Tombstone Shadow 08. Travelin' Band 09. Midnight Special 10. Medley a. Bad Moon Rising b. Proud Mary 11. Keep On Chooglin' 12. Green River John Fogerty Live 13. Leave My Woman Alone 14. Let's Go! 15. Hoochie Coochie Man 16. My Toot Toot

Turned Out Nice Again

Turned Out Nice Again 1941

George Pearson, an employee at an underwear factory, is caught between his modern wife and his meddling mother. After buying a special yarn and getting his wife to promote it, he has an argument with his boss, Mr Dawson who insults Pearson's wife and refuses to apologise. Pearson then resigns. After finding out that the yarn is actually worth a fair amount, Mr Dawson tries to buy it from Pearson but he has some competition.

Frank Sinatra: Concert for the Americas

Frank Sinatra: Concert for the Americas 1982

This first-ever U.S. release of this spectacular 1982 concert proves that even at age 66, Francis Albert Sinatra was still the undisputed Chairman Of The Board. Recorded at the Altos De Chavón Amphitheatre in La Romana, the Dominican Republic, this 90-minute epic performance features the legendary Buddy Rich on drums and a special guest appearance by guitarist Tony Mottola on a memorable rendition of Send In The Clowns.

Reality 86'd

Reality 86'd 1991

Three bands and crew (a combined total of 13 individuals), 2 Dodge Ram extended cab vans, one equipment truck, one PA system traverse the continental US for six months. A road documentary shot from the inside of the last Black Flag tour ever (the 1986 “In My Head” US tour.) Featuring behind the scenes proceedings and live performances from Black Flag, Painted Willie, and Gone. David Markey was along for the entire trip as the drummer / singer for Painted Willie, documenting the six month tour with his Super-8 camera as it happened. Also features roadie Joe (“Planet Joe”) Cole, soundmen Davo Claasen and Dave “Ratman” Levine, and the tour manager who kept it all together, Mitch Bury. A crucial turning point in American underground rock. The end of the line for a trail blazing American band. Shot in 1986 and completed by director David Markey in 1991 for We Got Power. (

La revoltosa

La revoltosa 1963

Mari Pepa, a beautiful laundress of Madrid, and Felipe, a carpenter, are in love but they are always quarreling over trifles. However, she must marry with the fence Don Leo to help his father, a drunk player who has committed a robbery and has determined the family jewels.