Little Angels: The Brightest Christmas 2004

Enchanting story about five hip and hilarious children, who just happen to be Little Angels, who live to help children in need. In this very special Christmas story, a little boy named Daniel is left in charge of his younger brother and sister whilst their father goes out and looks for work.

Dos locos en escena 1960

Viruta and Capulina, magicians working in a theater where the actors delegate dishonest ratchets, is assassinated by two stagehands to remove payroll and left her body in the clubhouse Cristas singer Virutas girlfriend. He and Capulina move the body in a trunk to utility room but the trunk is base off and the body is in the Viruta's room. A lush Chasing Coquis showgirl girlfriend Capulina, stains of red paint and falls asleep, believing him dead detectives accuse Capulina and Viruta of murder.

Patham Pasali 1970

Pathaam Pasali is a 1970 film starring Gemini Ganesan, Nagesh, Rajashree and Vijayalalitha in the lead roles. The music was by V. Kumar and directed by K. Balachander.

Bandipotu 1963

Sathyasena (Gummadi), the king of Gandhara, suffering from paralytic legs leaves the rule to his vicious brother-in-law Soorasimha (Rajanala), the army commander. Dharma Nayaka (Chittoor V. Nagaiah) is one of the victims of Surasimha’s tyranny. Dharma’s brother Veera Nayaka (Mikkilineni) as a masked man rebels against Surasimha by leading a group of men. He robs the royal wealth and distributes it to the poor. While he is looting the wealth of princess Mandaramala (Krishnakumari), Dharma’s son Narasimha (N. T. Rama Rao) fights with the masked brigand and is surprised to find it is his uncle. He learns from Veera how Soorasimha has ruined their lives. Meanwhile, Surasimha plots to ascend the throne by marrying Mandaramala. In an act of deceit, he eliminates Dharma Nayaka and Veera Nayaka. Narasimha takes the place of Veera Nayaka as the masked rebel, annihilates Soorasimha and ascends the throne after marrying Mandaramala.

Baharon Ke Sapne 1967

In a small industrial town near Bombay lives Bholanath, who works at the local mill, and is the proud husband of Gauri, a daughter, Champa, and above all his son, Ramaiya, who is a graduate in the arts faculty, - the only one in this town who has attained this degree. But times are hard, and jobs are difficult to come by. When Bholanath loses his job, Ramaiya decides to find employment, and does so as a menial worker in the same mill his dad used to work. Ramaiya is very popular with his co-workers and they soon elect him as their new union leader. This puts Ramaiya in conflict with the Management of the Mill, headed by the owner, Kapoor, who has ordered that Ramaiya be eliminated post haste. But Ramaiya is determined to address the workers' grievances, and he gets himself framed for theft; has the police on the lookout for him, and so Ramaiya goes into hiding.

Die Distel 1992

Since her parents death, hobby-detective Trudi lives with her young aunt Julia. When a nearby Turkish restaurant is smashed one night, everybody assumes by default an act of racism. Trudi however did notice a strange guest named Mangold there the day before. Also the caretaker seems very keen on getting the restaurant out of the building. The police and host Kemal don't seem particularly interested in investigating the event, so Trudi starts her own investigations in the style of Sherlock Holmes, with the help of her friend Tom and runaway Rollo.

No Ordinary Shepherd 2014

A young shepherd boy, crippled in an accident considers the significance of the anniversary of the night the Messiah was born. A gentle stranger appears and the boy encounters miracles of his own.

Four triplets are one too many 2014

The successful journalist Linda (Thekla Carola Wied) depends on their job to the nails to finally spend a quiet life with the retired Latin teacher Jacob (Günther Maria Halmer). But yet they have reckoned without their busy adult children Leonie (Julia Brendler) and Thomas (Jens Atzorn) made the constantly unload their triplets care with grandparents. Then, when even a previous love of Thomas Jakob is around the corner and another grandson in his luggage, the pensioner is finally overwhelmed. He does everything it can to keep the delicate origin of the baby a secret. Finally, Thomas and Leonie want to soon give the knot.

Sid the Science Kid: Weather Kid Sid 2010

Rain, rain, go away; Sid the Science Kid wants to play! Sids not too happy when rain threatens to squash his play date outside. But the more Sid learns about the rain, the more he understands how important precipitation is. In fact Sid is learning about all kinds of weather patterns and how it affects our world. At school Sid studies the sun and how it lights up our world. At home, Sid s family visits relatives where it’s really chilly. Brrrr! It’s cold in here... Sid hits the science lab to discover that wind, rain and sun can be fascinating and fun!

Three from the Sea 1979

Stay on international pioneer camp in Bulgaria will take three children so much that he decides to still enjoy swimming - and missed the train. Two boys and a girl, then spend an exciting event when going home on their own. Usually educational overtones are attenuated this time, highlighted the contrary, courage and ability to help you in any situation.