Comrade Cone

Comrade Cone 1977

A story about three young boys who are best friends and together are trying to fight a poacher in the forest close to their village.

Three of Us and Dog from Petipas

Three of Us and Dog from Petipas 1971

The summer holidays are approaching and the children are bragging about all the exciting places they are going to visit during the long-awaited two months of summer. Only Tonda is not looking forward to staying in Prague over the holidays. He brightens up after his father announces that the boy can visit some friends of the family in the village of Petipas.

Minidisco 1 & 2

Minidisco 1 & 2

DVD met de grootste Minidisco hits van de CD's Minidisco 1 en Minidisco 2 gedanst door een professionele dansgroep.

Børnenes trafikklub - Befri dyrene

Børnenes trafikklub - Befri dyrene

I "Befri dyrene" er Split og hans venner ude på en redningsaktion, hvor de skal redde de dyr, som den grumme Hr. Krogh holder fanget. Dvd'en er rettet mod 5 - 5 1/2-årige børn og træner balance, koordination og reaktionsevne. Det er vigtige færdigheder for at kunne begå sig sikkert i trafikken. Dvd'en "Befri dyrene" er sjette del af historien om Split og hans venner. Temaerne på dvd'en passer sammen med "Min Trafikbog 5 1/2".


Alimayya 1993

Anand reluctantly agrees to marry Lakshmi. Just when the two are settling into happy matrimony, trouble erupts owing to differences between their parents.

Casper's First Christmas

Casper's First Christmas 1979

Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Huckleberry Hound and more Hanna-Barbera characters get lost and decide to spend Christmas by vising Casper, the friendly ghost. But soon they encounter a not-so-friendly ghost.


Weekender 1992

A look at club and drug culture through the prism of the band Flowered Up.

Super Why!: Attack of the Eraser

Super Why!: Attack of the Eraser

Join Super Readers Whyatt Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Princess Pea and Pig as they use their literacy skills to learn how to bake a birthday cake, pay a visit to the Tooth Fairy and prevent evil Eraser from destroying important words. In one memorable episode of this cartoon collection, popular heroes such as Cinderella and the Frog Prince square off on the soccer field against villains like the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch.


Alludugaru 1990

Alludugaru or Alludu Garu (Telugu: అల్లుడుగారు) is a 1990 Telugu Drama film directed by K. Raghavendra Rao and produced by Mohan Babu under Lakshmi Prasanna Films. This commercially successful film ran for more than 100 days. It is a musical hit film with some Keerthanas and songs voiced by K. J. Yesudas.[1] This film is a remake of Malayalam blockbuster Chithram starring Mohanlal and directed by Priyadarshan.

Hello Kittys Paradise - Fun With Friends

Hello Kittys Paradise - Fun With Friends

Kitty and her twin sister Mimmi share fun adventures with their friends and family. Along the way, they learn important lessons every little boy and girl should know: how to share, how to count, all about safety, table manners and much more. Stories include "The Magic Bags", "The Dust Monster", "Put on a Happy Place", "The Train to Grandma's House", "Paper Play", "Sizing Things Up", "The Broken Robot" and "What's in Store?".

Rock 'N Learn: Nursery Rhymes

Rock 'N Learn: Nursery Rhymes

These nursery rhymes programs put a new spin on the classics to make favorite rhymes come alive. Brother and Sister Goose join Mother Goose to present 43 rhymes using upbeat, pop-style music sung to traditional and new melodies. The playful geese lead kids through each rhyme, teaching them about being safe, using manners, and accepting responsibility. For ages 3 ­– 5

Rock 'N Learn: Addition & Subtraction Rock

Rock 'N Learn: Addition & Subtraction Rock

Learning math facts doesn't have to be dull! Now students can "rock out" while they learn addition and subtraction. Upbeat rock music, energetic performers, and colorful action make these super-cool songs favorites with kids of all ages. As they sing along to these "add and subtract tunes," kids quickly learn sums up to 18 and differences from 18. Ages 6 & up

The Great Brain

The Great Brain 1978

Based on the book by John D. Fitgerald, the movie stars Jimmy Osmond as a mischievous boy out to swindle the whole town for everything they're worth...and occasionally putting his smarts to use for a good cause.


Star 1982

Dev Kumar Verma comes from a middle-class family and must find employment to support his dad and mom. Dev, however, has set his mind upon becoming a music sensation like Elvis Presley. He loses his job because of this, and refuses to work until and unless he gets a job to his liking, much to the dismay of his parents and his brother, Shiv Kumar. Dev does get employment at Charlie's Disco, where he meets with Maya and falls in love with her. When Charlie's Disco's competitor, Rana, finds out about Dev, he wants to hire Dev, but Dev decides to continue to work with Charlie's Disco, as a result Dev and Charlie get a beating by Rana's men, and Dev is unable to sing. After recuperating, Dev is devastated to find out that Maya and Shiv Kumar are in love with each other. What impact will this have on Dev and his brother on one hand, and what of his career in music?