Dorothy and Alice

Dorothy and Alice tells the story of a friendship between two fantasy heroines, who bond over their eerily similar experiences pulled into dreamy alternate dimensions.

Adam's Perfection

Adam had everything: the looks of a movie star, the mind of a genius, a seven-figure salary, a brilliant career - everything but a woman worthy of his love. Having lost hope, he resorts to a dangerous experiment and, with the use of an oriental spiritual practice, creates the perfect partner. He alone will be able to enjoy her company, for she is unseen by others. In search for perfection Adam left many a woman behind. Should he not get along with the new girlfriend - leaving may not be an option.


A formidable beast was captured by townspeople and imprisoned in a cage for all to see. Over time beast's will to escape becomes smaller and smaller as people continue to abuse it and use as a spectacle show. A young boy tries to befriend the creature by cleaning its wounds and feeding it, which results in creating an unexpected bond between them.

Pandora and Akubi 2019

Pandora and Akubi are crossing dimensions to collect the "fragments of disaster," which have the power to destroy worlds. The first half of the film takes place in the setting of an American Western and the second half of the film takes place on a snowy mountain where mysterious spirits exist.


The story of Elian, a teenager who comes of age using her magical powers to defend her family when the opposing forces of light and darkness threaten to divide her kingdom.

Cactus Boy

'Cactus Boy' tells the story of Winston Prickle, a grown man who decides to break up with his childhood imaginary friend, Cactus Man.

The Evil Marriage 2019

Once upon a time, in a far away, across the dark jungle, a castle in the sky, there lived a king of Evils with his evil guards. One day, one of his magicians showed the magic mirror and shows a beautiful human girl in this mirror, and told that if he wants to continue to be a king he must marry this girl. The story of "The Evil Marriage movie" revolves around the character of "Nur" (a human girl) who was kidnapped by the Evil's king guards and took her to unfamiliar world where she will have to marry the evil in order for others to live. But, there is someone who sneaks into the dark jungle to reach the evil castle and rescues her.

Doki doki Virgin mô ichido I Love You 1990

Just when Hideki thinks he will lose his virginity, he gets hit by a car, and dies. God gives him a 2nd chance by placing his mind into the body of Sachiko's best friend, a girl. Can he convince Sachiko of his love?

Alpha 60 2017

Set in a apocalyptic earth, reimagination of Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville

Dramatiskā Gramatika 2007

This absolute abomination of a masterpiece is undoubtedly a drug induced incest dream riding a tramvajs. Juris playin a god damn recorder. A few shots of Simons watchin a lil porn. It’s all there. In a sludgy shit-screen.

Tempus Fugit 2011

The staging of the eternal fight between man and the time. Man desires immortality, but his earthly body is destined to die, so he watches unarmed, just as a spectator, to the flow of his life events while the time is running out. Finally he will understand that only through the memory and the sign he can cherish a desire for immortality. The Time will end for everybody, but only those who will be able to leave a sign, will live forever.

Wondershop 1974

A miserable man owns a secondhand store. He is mean to his customers and to his assistant. One day, a boy and a girl come into the shop to sell a golden watch they are very fond of.