The Tiger Devil

The Tiger Devil 1976

Years after being banished from her village, a young woman who was accused of being possessed by a "tiger devil" spirit returns. Partial remake of a 1969 film.



Optical printing brings to life the Bride of Frankenstein - from the BFI London Film Festival 2016 programme

Ghost Bell

Ghost Bell 1985

The spirit of a former leader who was killed during the construction of a new bell tower haunts a village.

This Woman is Not a Ghost

This Woman is Not a Ghost 1987

A woman's odd behavior makes everyone around her wonder if she's possessed or a ghost. Her husband is driven into the arms of a mistress and her best friend seeks guidance from a spirit doctor until she's found dead. The friend's boyfriend then decides to get the bottom of things.

Midnight Guest

Midnight Guest 1989

The harmonious marriage of Sulaiman and his wife Ningsih is shattered when the latter falls in love with Kadir and then she demands both he and their daughter Mirna leave the house so she can move her lover in. But then Kadir, a playboy, has an affair with Suryani, a widow who has a daughter of her own named Lisa. The affair is found out when Ningsih catches them in the act and a fight leads to a murder. Kadir and Suryani bury Ningsih near the house and are then haunted by Ningsih’s spirit, who also possesses Lisa.

A Young Wife's Witchcraft

A Young Wife's Witchcraft 1977

A battle of black magic, revenge, death and assorted Indonesian weirdness occurs between Arifin, his first wife Tati, his second wife Sandra and playboy Anton, who is after Arifin's wealth (and Sandra). Two different shamans (one good and one evil) become involved in the jacked up love triangle.

Midnight Thunder

Midnight Thunder 1990

The story of siblings Ria (Deasy Ratnasari) and Rudi (Johan Saimima), who, along with Rudi’s wife Henny (Alba Fuad), kill their aunt Emma (Yenny Farida) for an inheritance. The wealth does not bring blessings as expected, only the haunting feelings of guilt and regret. Henny goes into a mental hospital and changes into a monster, while the other two are haunted by visions of the dead auntie and face a horrible death.


Lisa 1971

An evil, murderous woman attempts to eliminate her stepdaughter Lisa in order to get her hands on an inheritance but gets more than she bargained for when she's haunted by a ghost.

Holy Moly

Holy Moly 1991

A priest is controlled by evil forces and forced to do nasty acts.

The Black Spider

The Black Spider 1983

Based on the story by Jeremas Gotthelf, this horror film direct by Mark M. Rissi features the hallucinations of a woman after a drug raid gone.

The Last Motel

The Last Motel 1981

The Lodgepole Pine Motel is the setting for nerve-wracking terror when a group of unsuspecting travellers find themselves trapped in a nightmare of violence and mayhem. Madge Fraiser is the kindly old owner of the rustic mountain hideaway, which, during one long night, will become awash with blood, as the guests are stalked one by one by a sadistic killer. Who will live to see the dawn, and who will learn that this is one motel where checking in can be murder?

The Crying Bird

The Crying Bird 1971

Seok-Bong, a lowly man, goes to Seoul to study, but in the end gives up his study. On his way back to his hometown he gets to know Ok-Yeo and makes love to her. Ok-Yeo gets disappointed to know her future spouse is Hwang Seok-Bong, a noble man, not that Seok-Bong she made love to. Hwang drives Seok-Bong away, getting to know Ok-Yeo's relationship with him. Seok-Bong dies on Ok-Yeo's wedding day. On her first night of marriage Ok-Yeo hears Seok-Bong's voice that says she should kill Hwang. Ok-Yeo, stabbing Hwang with a knife, falls over the precipice. Seok-Bong mother Hyeon was laughing crazily there.

Three Women with Grudges

Three Women with Grudges 1981

In the northern Manchuria, Yun, a Korean is troubled by his son Ji-ryong's relationship with Geum-hwa, a Chinese maiden. His servant Il-chun and his wife gets Ji-ryong sent to Korea and they kill Geum-hwa. Then they frame Yun for the murder and blackmail. Ji-ryong comes back from Kaeseong to investigate Geum-hwa's death and her friend Yeon-chu helps him. But Il-chun and his wife are after Yoon and his fortune and they'll stop at nothing to get it. Yun and Ji-ryong's lives are in danger but at the last minute, Yeon-chu shows up and gets rid of Il-chun and his wife and Ji-ryong avenges Geum-hwa's death.

Resented Spirit of Baby Bride Groom

Resented Spirit of Baby Bride Groom 1973

A royal inspector Kim Sang-Won disguised as a traveler arrives at a village where they say a ghost appears to examine the details. Finally he is in the disguise of a resented spirit because of broken engagement and goes to the abandoned house where he discloses that Lee, a scholar, and his daughter In-Yeon murder the chief of the village Kim's whole family. Also he tells official circles and people that ghost can not be existed in any circumstances.

Eyewitness Murders: An Experiment in Reality Television

Eyewitness Murders: An Experiment in Reality Television 1988

Tyler Bowie is producing a documentary on sex workers in the Los Angeles area. He’s a Vietnam vet, he’s hooked on coke, and he has an unhealthy fixation on the ladies of the night, which leads him to meeting a host of interesting underworld characters throughout the course of the production. However, things go awry and Tyler starts to go crazy, leaving a pile of bodies in his wake.