Joey Boy Munti: 15 anyos ka sa Muntinlupa

Joey Boy Munti: 15 anyos ka sa Muntinlupa 1991

A rich girl dies in childbirth, leaving the baby with her grief-stricken husband. Her parents kidnap the infant but he abducts the little boy back. Poor and jobless, the father is now faced with the responsibility of providing for his son.


Fegefeuer 1988

The story of Austrian, Johann "Jack" Unterweger, who wrote a book about his criminal past while serving a life term in prison for assault. In 1974, Unterweger murdered 18-year-old German citizen Margaret Schäfer by strangling her with her own bra, and in 1976 was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.


Ballbuster 1989

Roosevelt Prophet is a one-time big city cop turned private investigator- nickname "Ballbuster". Ballbuster must stop the nefarious Nick Plato, who's into everything from loan sharking to gambling.

du blues dans la tete

du blues dans la tete 1981

Dan and Carole meet and confess to each other, their desire to leave everything, and to die. They decide to perform crimes to live without paying. But one day : they commit a murder.

Crime at the Little Star Pension

Crime at the Little Star Pension 1990

Neves and his wife Celia are the owners and managers of the 'Little Star Pension', a familiar hotel that caters to bourgeois family and would-be actors, instead of the ill-reputed 'Good-Night Pension' (just across the narrow street), where gigolos, whores, and criminals of all sorts may go for a quick encounter. However, not all is well among the ten residents of 'Little Star Pension': each dialogue line from every hotel guest is evidence that he, or her, has a reason (actually, more than one) to hate Neves - to the point of wishing him dead. Carelessness (or devious intention) by one party will provide the means; another, will create the propitious moment; yet another, and then the rest of them will create the festive New Year's Eve occasion - to do with Neves forever! Obviously, only the famous world private-eye Hércules Pirôt can solve the crime... for which he is called by phone, even before the deed is done.

The Pervert

The Pervert 1975

Police use a beautiful woman as bait for a maniacal killer of women, whose impotence was caused by a depraved female SS officer.

Zeichen der Gewalt

Zeichen der Gewalt 1975

Gangsters blackamil an attorney to aide the outbreak of a prisoner. This is entry no.8 into the Derrick TV series.

The Bomb Shell

The Bomb Shell 1981

A young maniac starts a terrorist spree in Hong Kong. The police do not manage to catch the culprit. When the wife and child of inspector Tsui get wounded in one of the explosion, he intends to catch the dangerous maniac.

House of Gamblers

House of Gamblers 1970

Two prominent families battle a fierce turf war in the midst of a gambling ban during the Meiji Era.

Studio legale per una rapina

Studio legale per una rapina 1973

Maurice Poitier, a disbarred lawyer, is dumped in prison. In prison, he learns of a plan of robbery worth millions from a dying inmate: once released, will begin to put together a group of bandits to pull this off. But not everything goes as hoped.