On/Off 2013

An astronaut hears a mysterious message that turns a routine space-walk into a dangerous mission.

The Unknown

The Unknown 1964

Near Aix-les-Bains (South-East of France), two women, Kassia and Leonora, are driven by a fanatical blackmailer, named André, in a white Rolls Royce at full speed. Suddenly, they stop near a lake, in the middle of the woods, where the man decides to have a swim. He asks the two women for a drink. The women plan to assassinate him by introducing a deadly leaf from a Thanatos tree in the cocktail. The man dies by poisoning and drowning and the women stare at him without moving. They put the dead body in the trunk of the fancy car. Later, they've lost their way in the countryside and, finally, find a mansion where an old blind man, Colas, opens the door. Upstairs, a strange inventor, Tone Hobart, built a time machine which could resurrect the dead. Unfortunately, André is now alive and ready for a revenge.

Beti and Amare

Beti and Amare 2014

'Beti and Amare' is a historical science-fiction film set in 1936 Ethiopia. Beti, a young Ethiopian girl has escaped Mussolini's troops and found refuge in the peaceful south of Ethiopia. As the Italians march ever closer Beti has to battle hunger, thirst, and the unwelcome sexual advances of the local militia. When the situation threatens to escalate towards the unthinkable, a spaceship cracks through the clouds... its cargo... love.

Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread

Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread 1987

Penn Jillette and Teller are called upon to display their unique brand of humor to save civilization from strange extraterrestrial beings who have invaded Earth and who, disgruntled and bored with the mundane nature of human life, threaten to blow up the planet unless someone gives them a good reason not to.

Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two

Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two 2014

An inventor creates a camera that can duplicate what it films. Using this camera he attempts to capture and preserve a moment of happiness between himself and his lover in the hope that his duplicate self will be happy forever if the recording is projected in an endless loop.

The Meteor

The Meteor 2010

The cleaner Vera works at a museum and is in love with her boss Ted. She is too coward to do something about it and wishes that everything would be different. One day, a meteor is falling down from the sky and gives her mysterious forces.

Wooly Booly: My Alien Classmate

Wooly Booly: My Alien Classmate 1989

An alien was stranded on earth. A family took him and he requested to his superior from another planet to grant him with human appearance, but he only have 30 days to stay on earth and need to be back where he really came from.

Third Planet in the Solar System

Third Planet in the Solar System 1972

The film is in 3 parts: 1) 'Eden' - Aliens from the planet Rhea have flown with a damaged spaceship to Earth, looking for intelligent beings. They find apemen and take one of them into their ship. 2) 'The Wanderer' - A crime writer, who is travelling to see his dying friend, picks up a strange hitchhiker. On his return from the sanatorium, his car goes off the road, but the stranger lifts it into the air and lands it back on the highway. Then he goes to the writer's house and shows him his supernatural abilities. 3) 'My First Day' - Len, an alien traveler arrives on Earth to share with humans the knowledge of their ancient civilization. He meets its inhabitants, who are served by robots and travel back in time, because their life is boring and meaningless. Every day his hostess Lena visits an ancient Slavic settlement and monitors its inhabitants. One day she appears before the hunter Bayan, who has been captivated by her beauty and takes her into his hut.


Generation 1985

Richard Beymer stars in this futuristic story of the United States at the turn of the century and a sport called combat hockey. With Marta DuBois, Drake Hogestyn, Hannah Cutrona, Cristina Raines, Priscilla Pointer.


Still 2014

Lost in an isolated forest with her abusive boyfriend, Sadie finds a sinister way to get the love she's always wanted.