We Put the World to Sleep

While making an apocalyptic film about two lovers ending the world, an ambitious couple abandons production and embarks on a secret mission to end the world for real to save it from its painful existence.

MESSiAH 2016

In a playful collision of cultures, a hapless Irishman and his Parisian girlfriend get more than they bargained for when they encounter a particularly mischievous stranger in the spectacular Australian wilderness.

I Remember a Lot of Octobers 2015

Mara Burke is the last person alive on Earth as the entire world's population has been decimated by a plague. Day in and day out Mara scavenges for supplies and fights to survive. On this particular day she breaks down and decides it's time to end the struggle by taking her own life. She dawns a white dress, grabs a pistol and fills her bathtub with water. Mara sits in the tub, lets out one last cry and puts the gun to her chin. As she's about to pull the trigger, she hears 3 loud knocks. Mara is startled and not sure what to make of it, so she waits. The knocking continues. This time louder and more frantic. It's coming from the front door and it turns out that Mara is not alone after all.

Forbidden Moon 1956

Rocky Jones is dispatched to investigate an SOS received from a space station. He finds that the station is filled with deadly radiation brought by an evil ruler who is immune to the radiation, and plans to use it to take over the universe.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Case; Irvine 2010

Irvine Lester is an AT repairman. In order to make a living with his sister, he is secretly fighting in AT gambling matches and intentionally losing the games for money. But the other fighters find out about his excellent AT maneuvering skills and demand a real match.

Ovni 2016

An alien life form arrives in the Dominican Republic in search of freedom and forms an unique bond with an autistic girl and the town's drunkard.

Ultraman: Monster Movie Feature 1967

The film consists of re-edited material from the original television series Ultraman. Episodes 1, 8, 26, and 27 were used for the film. They were narrated by Hikari Urano as an "Ultraman Documentary". Allegedly only one new scene was shot, and that some parts of the movie where shot in black and white for unknown reasons. The movie screened at the same time as the Toho movie King Kong Escapes.

The Voyager 2016

Triggered by the mysterious phenomenon of the space probe ‘Voyageur’ returning to earth, Virginie meets her dead father on a train one night. She sets off with him on a metaphysical journey through Bulgaria, where her long-forgotten grief catches up with her. The young woman is confronted with feelings of transience, eternity and loss, brought on by the resurrection of her father.

Les Spectateurs 2016

A woman realizes that a safe and boring life aboard a mega-satellite, which resembles a depressingly beige suburban neighborhood, is not what she truly desires. But the satellite is about to leave Earth’s orbit forever—so is it too late for her to change her mind?

Zone 2012

Based on the novel of brothers Strugatski. April 27th 1986 An unidentified flying object crashed down in the southern region near Linnakallio village, resulting in the forming of an hazardous area, where the laws of nature have gone wrong.

Time's End

Surreal circumstances of a power outage when the sun fails to set puts our protagonists in an endless evening, forcing them to form a bond that is the last thing that they have left-- a concept that becomes a strange comfort when nothing is as it once was.

The Crawling Brain 2002

Stefan learns that his invalid grandmother was the nurse/lover of Nazi doctor Franz Kindler and that she removed his brain when the Nazis were losing WW2. Unable to successfully perform a transplant on test subjects, she needs Stefan to carry on for her now that her health is failing.